Złotnickie Lake is a reservoir that will satisfy less and more professional anglers. You can catch all kinds of calm fish such as roach, okraja, bream, dwarf and some predators such as catfish, perch, pike, boar and many more. Our resort offers discounts on boat rental for anglers who have a valid PZW card.

Mountain bikes

Price list for using mountain bikes:
  • 5 PLN - 1 hour
  • 15 PLN - 3 hours
  • 20 PLN - 5 hours
  • 30 PLN - day
Before you rent a bicycle, you should read it with regulations.


In our playground your children will find:
  • swings
  • slides
  • ladders
  • sandpit


In our resort, right on the beach is a beach volleyball court. As soon as your desire for a bit of activity, go ahead and go ahead. Composers to play never missing!

Horse Riding

Thanks to the close proximity to nearby horse studs, the regulars of our holiday complex have a unique opportunity to learn how to ride a horse and explore the area from the saddle. This gives you the opportunity to get closer to nature not only in terms of distance, but also in terms of the means of transport you choose.

There are horses of different ages and strength in the stud. Thanks to this, anyone who dreams of riding on top of a wild horse will be able to fulfill his dream role. Regardless of height, weight, age or fitness.

We must also not miss the fact that horse contact has proven therapeutic properties. So who wants health, let him get on a horse!


We are just off the white beach. Its name comes from the sand, which will make you feel like you were at the seaside. We, however, offer you silence and amazing mountain views. We take care of the order and satisfaction of the guests. In the summer there are relatively high temperatures, so that you can freely bathe in the sun. For those who do not necessarily like the sun, there will always be some shade.

From the beach you can easily go to the restaurant where you will find cold drinks and great food. In addition, you can watch your children comfortably from our observation deck.

And when do you want a little activity? No problem! Right on the beach is a full-sized beach volleyball court, so that summer does not necessarily mean that we have to deprive of all kinds of entertainment and sport.

Water Equipment

In our resort you can use the following water equipment:
  • Water bike 4 persons + 2 children: 30 PLN / h
  • Water bike 2 persons + 1 child: 20 PLN / h
  • Two-person kayak: 10 PLN / h
  • Rowing boat for 4 persons: 20 zł / h (40zł for 6h / 60zł for whole day *)
  • Boat with outboard engine (4 passengers) - 40 PLN / h
*Monday to Friday. The validity of the offer on Saturdays and Sundays is confirmed by the rental service.

Prior to renting water equipment, please read the regulations.